Our mission is to improve the usability of customer’s business processes by providing the following services:
  • Automate business processes using our software (implementation and adaptation to the specifics of each Client's business).
  • Custom software development (individual orders).

Consulting services: analysis of customer business processes and offers on their automation.

«VEB-leasing expresses its gratitude to the management and employees of CROSYS Company for the development, implementation and maintenance of the software for automatic calculation of leasing payments schedule, which is designated to automatically calculate the payment plan on the leasing transaction and representation of calculation results».


«The application of these software tools significantly increase the efficiency of business processes of work with contractors, to build a clear management arrangements to transfer the processes of information handling to a new level.

During the period of cooperation, CROSYS has established itself as a reliable company, able to participate in large-scale projects using a well-coordinated team approach in addressing any issues of automation»

During the work we have accumulated rich experience in various industries:
  • in banking and micro-finance
  • in leasing companies;
  • in insurance and industrial companies;
  • in public sector.

We are not standing still. We try with each new task to grow and to provide more services to Clients. Each new project shows high skills, ethics and commitment of employees, which is reflected in the positive feedback on our work.

We don't make promises, but simply doing our job. Working with our team, you can be assured that you will receive high-tech product, completely suited to your needs.
«The use of CROSYS software confirmed the correctness of organizational and technical decisions taken in its design, high quality of this software and helped significantly increase the efficiency of the business process of verification of the Bank clients».

MDM Bank

«Implemented in CROSYS software product technological solutions allow to transfer the information to a qualitatively new level and to ensure the automation and optimization of a number of business processes. In particular, through the use of innovative approaches to the organization of interaction with information providers ensures efficiency of obtaining the necessary data, reducing the time and cost».

Beyond each software solution must stand strong team. We value quality and keep up with the times by learning new technologies and improving our skills. All our software are built on a thorough analysis that allows you to create optimal solutions for the given tasks.

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