This CRM System is designed to solve the problem of creating a single platform for interaction with customers, using all possible communication channels with maximum efficiency.

CROSSYS CRM is a web-based product developed with the help of new technologies for the simplicity and convenience of use, allowing you to improve the quality of customer service. System allows you to handle all customer queries coming via various channels of communication. A centralized database of customers and the results of interaction with them is always available from any device.

For telephone conversations, system provides tools for integration with IP-telephony. For each client, activity is recorded in the form of a list of orders with status history. For convenience, the list of orders is presented in a separate section, where orders of all customers can be aggregated according to the specified criteria.

CROSSYS CRM provides the ability to maintain a black-List of customers. Black-List mamnagement can occur both automatically (when the rules are triggered) and manually at the command of an authorized user. Administration tools allows to configure the display of screens without involving programmers.