«CrossInquirer» technology creates one service for corporate communication and data exchange. This technology provides secure data transfer and allows you to refuse the use of public communication systems.

«CrossInquirer» software is installed on the server of your organization. Information flows fully controlled by you and no one else. Data is transferred over encrypted channels, these employees will not be available to external users.

Automation of business processes related to the receipt and processing of messages through «CrossInquirer» can significantly improve the efficiency of all professionals to organize a system of corporate interaction on a new level. Universal approach to send requests and receive data (answer) from the participants can effectively build any process of information interaction, regardless of the type of activity of your organization. «CrossInquirer» technology has much greater potential than the standard program of communication - it provides a common platform for interaction of all divisions of the company, and also allows you to make your customers full participants of information exchange.

If you need to organize a corporate exchange of information between the employees of the head office and branches of the company - use the «CrossInquirer»! This software is not just an information system - it is an organizational improvement. This is a new sampling opportunities from the archives, the possibility of accumulation of the knowledge base of solved incidents.

«CrossInquirer» technology can be used in:
  • solving of incidents (insurance);
  • optimization of internal communication;
  • monitoring of clients in different branches of your organization for the purpose of obtaining services or access to the facility;
  • for the organization of a survey of clients within the market research and determine the degree of satisfaction;
  • operational search of the necessary resources among the participants in the process.

Diagram of «CrossInquirer» technology for message exchange:

«CrossInquirer» is a ready-to-start solution that allows you to deploy on your own server network for communication within the company (or a group of companies). We offer you implementation of the described technology according to your individual requirements.