This software provides automated interfaces with external and internal information resources and databases.

«CrossRequest» can be used for the following processes:
  • in banks and microfinance organizations – to ensure the process of interaction with Сredit Bureaus to obtain credit reports and send credit histories;
  • in leasing companies - to provide access to the information in the verification process of lessee;
  • at industrial enterprises and in the organizations - for solving the problems of integration into a single system a variety of information resources (from structured data to simple texts).
«CrossRequest» provides automation of all business processes related to interaction with information resources.


This software provides automated interaction with information resources and databases both online and offline.

Allows to send a requests to receive information simultaneously to all connected resources by one click. This greatly increases the efficiency of obtaining the necessary data, which can then be automatically translated to any point in the processing to suit your business process.

«CrossRequest» allows users to view data in its original format (received from information resources), and in formats designed for data processing in your analytical systems.

Provides interaction with leading Credit Bureaus in accordance with the Law «On credit histories» No. 218 dated 30.12.04 and Instructions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 1610-У, 1612-У, 1635-У.

When working with multiple Credit Bureaus «CrossRequest» software allows to obtain the combined (or consolidated) credit report including reduced to a single data format.

Allows you to use a caching mechanism that can reduce the number of paid request in the Credit Bureaus and other information resources.

«CrossRequest» allows sending of credit histories in Bureaus in batch mode (automatically when a large amount of information on the stream) and manual mode (via special web-interface).

The ability to search in file vault (supported formats: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, rtf, pdf, xml, xsl, msg; zip, 7-zip, rar) including the attributes of the documents.

The possibility of constructing different types of internal reports on the number of requests to resources, reporting on the types of requests that timeout for a response and so on.

Thus, «CrossRequest» software provides the principle of single point of access to external services and information resources. In supply can be included an API that allows easily integrate «CrossRequest» in any information infrastructure.



  • You can try «CrossRequest» for free (demo version). This is an opportunity to evaluate the this software in your business.
  • There is a large amount of information resources avaliable. You decide exactly what information you need.
  • Simple user interface, suitable for untrained users.
  • Information obtained from information resources is completely official and is provided to You under the contract between You and the provider of information.
  • There are no intermediaries involved. Information is costing You without price markup.
  • Automatic control of duplication of requests. You will not overpay for the same information.
  • Software is installed on your hardware. You are completely control all information and access to it.
  • Software and technical means of information protection are avaliable.
  • «CrossRequest» works with communication protocols, ensuring safe information transfer.
  • You can use data from «CrossRequest» database not only for operational processing, but also for analytical purposes, as well as when connecting new or existing information systems.
Технические требования
Detailed server requirements for installation and user's workplace
Colorful slides outlining the key features of the product and success story
  Технические требования
Try free trial version and evaluate the simplicity and convenience of the technology