«CrossSecurity» software is intended for comprehensive study of counterparties of your organization. «CrossSecurity» helps to build a unified and clear process of work with contractors and reducing reputational risks.

The analysis is based on the contractor profile with using all available information. Information can be extracted from external resources (different bureaus and information agencies, resources of government ministries) and internal data storages of your organization (local databases, blacklist). Use of special means of automation allows to use the procedure of automatic obtain information from the sources to conduct a systematic comparison of the presented and founded information. Special rules of analysis allow to identify signs of heightened attention at the early stages of verification.

In addition to the collection of information, «CrossSecurity» will automatically detect internal connection with information of previous inspections (identification of links on the names, addresses, registration data, documents, etc.).

Implementation of automation tools for compliance procedures is necessary in order to avoid violations of both Russian and International legislation. Various international sanctions as restrictive measures against countries, companies or individuals can be applied to your organization if you sign a contract with individuals or companies included in the international power and law-enforcement lists. Validation of potential contractors with lists published by global and national regulators will cut off the unwanted cooperation, and thus avoid possible fines or investigation of activity of your company.


Control of compliance with the regulations of checks in «CrossSecurity» helps employees to perform all necessary actions to verify and collect all required information. Passing through all the steps of the regulations is controlled by a system that ensures the quality and responsibility of the decision. In result of the investigation can be prepared a special document, which can be automatically directed to the supervisor.


CrossChecker Leasing  
«CrossSecurity» allow to build a unified and transparent process of work with contractors and reducing reputational risks. The system can be applied in various aspects of verification and decision-making:

  • compliance procedures prior to signing a contract (checking partners, intermediaries and agents, the establishment of final beneficiaries);

  • analysis of risks according to the worldwide sanctions;

  • verification for employment candidates.

For Senior officials «CrossSecurity» provides the possibility co create management and statistical reports on all categories of verification and subordinate staff.

«CrossSecurity» can be easily integrated into existing IT-infrastructure thanks to the support of standard protocols of information exchange.
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  Технические требования
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